Top 7 Movies Streaming Sites Like a Solar Movies in 2019

Top 7 Movies Streaming Sites Like a Solar Movies

What is more amusing and comfortable than to watch movies while sitting at your homes? This has become possible now by the different movie streaming sites. These sites make sure that you access to the latest movies, available in the best quality before their premiers start on the channels. The intro of these streaming sites has decreased the pace of movie cinemas.

Just the true lovers of cinemas go there now while most of the casual movie watchers consider it more comfortable to watch their favorite movies on their laptops while sitting back in bed with snacks. The oldest platform of providing the movie streaming service is SolarMovie.

It is a movie streaming site which works free of cost, offering service to thousands of movie watchers all around the world. Their service is very good and they provide links to a lot of servers via which it is easier to watch any movie online. But, one downside is that the site has full of ads and a frequent alteration in the domain hosting by the company. Users often access this site as one of the medium for watching the latest TV shows and movies, and also old series and seasons.

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Other than SolarMovie, following are the highly famous movie streaming sites for 2019.

1. Netflix: One of the Best Website for providing Easy Streaming

This movie streaming platform is available for both mobile and desktop versions. Netflix has become the highly famous movie streams providing service. There is no person on earth who had not heard of the amazing streaming platform. One downside of this site is that it can be a bit price. It has monthly costing plans. You can choose any plan as per the quantity of the screens you want to have.

2. Prime Video: The finest platform with wide range of movie collection

Prime Video is one of the finest movie streaming platform which is offered by Amazon and it comes along with the membership of Prime Portal. Well, the platform also doesn’t work for free, but its rates are very less as compared to Netflix. You can get a wide range of movies, seasons and TV shows on this portal, along with a broad range of the genres. You get an option of downloading these TV shows and movies so that you can watch them offline when you are out of the data connectivity.

3. YouTube Movies: The Platform with vast user usage around the world

Google is working on offering movies on rent to be viewed on the YouTube. It can be paid service; however, the good thing is that user don’t need to pay money for the membership. Though, you have to pay for each movie you watch. There is downside also; the charges include the lapse for the rental period just after the short interval. Make your Instagram videos go viral on YouTube and earn social media fame. This will save you to Buy Instagram Followers UK.

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It is yet a very popular streaming platform all around the world. This platform works for both mobiles and desktops. The rates are a bit lesser than the Prime membership which you get at the Amazon. You can also download movies and watch them offline but, the bad thing is that this platform gets updated with the new movies very long after their release.


It is a free movie streaming platform. It works very similar to the SolarMovie. A good thing is that this service it has TV shows and movies from every network. People can easily view the new movies with a wide range of quality, from the simple camera quality to the HD displays. But the downside is that the site includes a big number of the ads Buy Followers UK and no provision of offline downloading of the content, similar to the SolarMovie.


This movie streaming platform works same as SolarMovie and It has its own pros and cons. The platform doesn’t cost you a single penny but is full of ads. The site gets updated with the latest TV shows and movies and works in the same way as other kind of free sites, providing camera quality at start and then gets upgraded with time.

7.  iTunes: The best platform for horror movies

Without any doubt, iTunes, has made each of the apple user amazed by the incredible streaming settings, it owns. Just put the name and you get every movie or TV show there. you can also purchase or rent any movie or TV series. iTunes allow you to do this with great ease. But, the one down point is that this app needs to own an AppleTV to do an instant gratification. You need to get the content downloaded and have saved it for viewing it on other devices like tablets and computers.

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Here we covered the Top 7 Movies Streaming Sites Like a Solar Movies. But if you still have any questions make sure to ask in the comments section.

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